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Some related softwares and links

  • celvis/cvi -- edit Chinese like vi in double-byte

    This program is composed by the original authors of cxterm: Man-Chi Pong and Yongguang Zhang. It's based on "elvis-1.3" (a vi/ex clone). No change since 1991. Download from here.

    After `make`, you'll get the executable as "celvis". Then you are suggested to alias celvis to cvi. It deletes/moves in double-byte.

    **On Mandriva 2007, in cxterm, ordinary vi/vim can now move/delete in double-byte.

  • ccal -- display both solar and lunar calendar

    Usage: ccal month [4-digit-year]
    Acceptable date range: 2/1900 -- 12/2049

    I wrote this short Python script is because I often need check which day is a lunar holiday, so that I can send greetings to my family/friends on time. It is based on "lunar-2.1.tgz" (1992) of Fung F. Lee and Ricky Yeung. Python (2.0 or above) is required to run it. Recent ccal (version 0.3.1) is here.

    2 example outputs of `ccal` are as follows:

  • For users' reference, the original "lunar" program is here: lunar-2.1.tgz (size: 10k). It can also calculate the mystical birthday 8-Character used by most Chinese fortune-tellers. A sample output of `lunar` is:

The following are some softwares I personally used a lot (if you feel interested, please search on internet for recent versions):

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